Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

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Starting 2014, I set a goal of reading 52 books. “Kafka on the shore” by Haruki Murakami is my 8th book of the year.

The best way to describe this book is to compare with another movie masterpiece “Mullholand drive”. In his screenplay David lynch constantly keep us in the loop of reality and the dream world of Betty Elms. In this book author tries to keep reader in the loop of spiritual and the real world. And he is successful. The whole time while reading the book we are contemplating what are the connections between the characters and their stories.

 According to me the best way to enjoy this book is by having your own interpretation. And my interpretation is this book describes very complex human emotions and relationship.

  1. Nakata : The story of Nakata is that, the person with the most humble heart can be dragged to the dark side. He can be provoked to do evil things.But I don’t believe he attained zen. 
  2. Kafka : The story of Kafka is classic tale about a boy coming of age. Even though he is only 15, he has been introduced to us that he is living in a very complex world of relationship. On top of all this his desire and lust crosses path with his ambiguity over the purpose of his journey. In the end he found out all the answers to his questions, but he will be haunted by the event taking place between him and Miss Saeki.
  3. Miss Saeki : In my opinion is the worst of all characters in this book (At least Johnny Walker has some purpose to kill the cats). She is the one who started the fiasco which ultimately affected all the characters. It took away the childhood from Nakata. The whole book revolve around one selfish act of Miss Saeki. 
  4. Oshima : Oshima is the most humble character in this book. I really liked him. He is trying to prove that there are different kinds of people and they have their own opinion about this metaphysical world. 
  5. Hoshino : Another wonderful character who get enlightened during the journey with Nakata. I really liked the reference of the shoe shinning monk “Everyone is doing the shitty job. It doesn’t matter who is doing where.” 
  6.  Johnnie Walker & Colonel Sanders: I agree with author that both of them are concept. and they are introduced in the book to guide people in good or bad way. One thing i didn’t understand is why Sanders is a pimp. I felt it was a just a stretch or may be to show Hoshino is still not enlightened yet. 
  7.  I do believe there is some connection between stone, Nakata, Kafka and Saeki. It can be spiritual.
  8.  If Nakata remember that he killed Johnny walker then it is clear that kafka didn’t kill his father. 
In end it is an amazing book which leave you thinking about the spirituality and relationship.


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