Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review : Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

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To start with the title, It make very little relevance to the story. If you try hard you can connect the song lyrics to the story. In the end, author could have come with a better title.

In a gist, the story is about five people. All of them 'affected by'/'want' sex.

Characters : There are three main character Watanabe, Naoko and Midori. Wantanabe is in love with Naoko and also in love with Midori. Naoko loves Wantanabe. Midori has a boy friend but she is in love with Watanabe. All of them wants to make love. Because of this love triangle they are forbidden to have sex. One thing I don't understand is why can't love be simple.

The best character in the whole book is "Nagasawa" . His anecdote and philosophy are awesome.

Rest off the character are mundane and banal. All the female character in this book are weak and miserable. All of them have lust and desire. Author shows no respect to any of them.

The backdrop of 1960's japan is seldom utilized properly. This story could have set in any decade.

I was telling myself that I shouldn't had read "kafka on the shore" from the same author before I read this book. The later book raised the bar so much that I couldn't stand this dull book.


ps: watch the movie and save the time.

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